Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Santa Barbara Zoo

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  1. dear Cynde thanks so much for your message on my blog - i haven't quite mastered the medium - and have not found the correct button to answer you back - so went onto your blog instead - hope you get this! I am so happy to hear from you via Precious and do hope we can develop a dialogue between ourselves and others about all things parenting / adoption / race / culture.... would also love to hear more about your kids and what experiences you are going through raising them. People need to hear more from parents (like yourself) who have both experiences: adopting and giving birth - as there is still a common misconcepion out there that adopting a child is somewhat "less than" giving birth - or that you love a birth child more than an adopted child - which owe know is absolutely not the case. please tell me more about your family - if you are happy to share - on my blog. I am on a bit of a mission to get the whole world to adopt :-)